Burtini Fine Finishing

“I had the opportunity to closely observe the construction of my house and the work of all trades on a daily basis. Monti’s approach to his work and the high quality of finished product stood out compared to other trades.  He coordinated with other trades and anticipated and planned the timing of his various tasks. He took time to carefully think through each task before doing the work. Once all steps were clearly identified, he executes quickly and efficiently. He was also innovative in resolving unanticipated problems when occurred. As a result, he got his work done right the first time with a minimum wasted material. I was impressed how much more he could get done in a given time frame compared to other trades. Monti was pleasant to deal with and was always willing to take time to explain and discuss his work. Based on his finished work and my on-the-job observations, I would not hesitate to call on him for my next project.”

Fred Shafai


“Monti is such a pleasure to work with. His superior eye for detail ensures a top quality outcome. He is able to take any plain room and make it something special”

Wally and Wendy Large


“I appreciate the expertise and professionalism Monty demonstrated while we were building our home.  He was punctual, available by phone, and worked well with our other tradespeople.  He had good ideas when I had questions and his work is exceptional.  I recommend him highly and thank him for all the effort he made to make our house as beautiful as it is.”

Lisa Cruci